Branding & Product

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The company required a less consumer focused brand, better framing their commercial offering to a range of retail, hospitality, automotive and service industries. As part of the internal design team, we matured the more playful elements of the brand – realigning the existing identity, embedding a seniority and gravitas.

A variety of communications were designed to carry the new brand, including product brochures and a range of other sales collateral.

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Reevoo Insight

Reevoo Insight was developed as a premium analytical tool for it's clients, providing genuine insight into the behavior of their customers across the Reevoo network. Beginning with extensive user research, moved from wireframes and prototypes to development with a remote engineering team based in Kiev.

The product served multiple types of users, across an organisation, with different levels of reporting and granular detail for the scope of user types (from CEO overviews to data analyst deep dives).

Reevoo Insight dashboard Reevoo Insight dashboard

Reevoo Analytics

The back-end system of the Reevoo network, providing analytic reporting services to their clients. With a steadily growing customer base, and their increasing exposure to an application crowded with multiple features implemented without concern for design/usability, it required a design and usability overhaul.

With a wealth of user research, redesigned the tool's interface and developed it's user flows, and further iterating with user feedback to increase user satisfaction and engagement.

Reevoo Analytics dashboard