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rentifybrand & visual identity

Evolving a brand from online tools to a premium property management service.

Initial thoughts on a revised Rentify mark.


Rentify's product offering had evolved from a suite of tools to help landlords manage their properties (advertising, creating tenancy agreements and more) into a powerful, fixed yield property management service.

The existing brand, itself an evolution of a friendly, social identity, needed to reflect the company's new outlook and goals, and convey this to their customer base of property developers, investors and tenants.

1. A previous Rentify logo
2. A previous Rentify logo
3. A previous Rentify logo

The evolution of the Rentify logo since 2013.


The mark references both the foundations of a building and a protective shield, communicating the strength and financial stability of Rentify's established product and service, complemented with a bold humanist type treatment.

The revised Rentify logo.
Cityscape background graphics.
Cityscape error page background graphics.

visual language

A visual language was created, extending the brand's perspective across a series of cityscape networks of different property developments.

Rentify's landlord targeting page.


Using distinct colour palettes and illustrations, the site addressed each of the company's three customer types: developers, investors (landlords), and tenants.

Mobile views of the site.
Rentify proposal documents.
Rentify badges.

other collateral

Guidelines were drawn up to support the roll-out of a wide range of supporting sales and marketing material.