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I'm Tom Blessley, a product designer based in London, currently working at Rentify building exciting things to make letting & renting property better for everyone.

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rentifymaintenance bookings

Connecting tenants with handymen to help maintenance issues get resolved sooner.

Initial ideas around the customer help flow.


Co-ordinating maintenance appointments with tenants reporting issues and the handymen that could resolve their issues was an overly complicated task for Property Managers, leading to an unsatisfactory time from the reporting of the issue and the beginning of its resolution. There was no real easy way to communicate with both parties to agree on a suitable time — leaving messages, getting no response from emails or text messages — causing delays and customer frustration.

The Rentify help portal.


Customers were already submitting structured feedback when reporting support requests, allowing the system to identify issues that could potentially be resolved by a handyman.

When this criterion is met, customers are shown a range of appointments to self-select a suitable booking in the week ahead, prioritised by the location of the handymen team in relation to the property, further optimising their roster.

A simple process triggering SMS messages requesting confirmation feedback, prevents further Property Manager engagement without unnecessary involvement.

A customer creating a support request.
The customer is shown a selection of available appointments.
An SMS booking confirmation.


Reduction in time taken to co-ordinate bookings saw customer issues being addressed sooner, increasing both tenant NPS and CSAT.

22+ increase in tenant NPS